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It all started with an idea - then passion followed.

The idea for T&E Motorcycles was born in 2006 when Trevor and Elyse Orr designed the concept of T&E Motorcycles and began working towards this goal until February 2011 when we were the successful applicants of the Kawasaki dealership franchise for Gore.

We pride ourselves on our integrity, strong work ethics and providing quality service and products. Through the years and through the changing of brands we have maintained this and are proud to service the entire Southland region area as the exclusive dealer for CF Moto, Landboss and Sherco.

Our Story

Time goes so fast...

Where it Started

In Feburary 2011 we met with former Lyntec Holdings (Kawasaki NZ) owner Mike Wilkins. Signed up as the successful applicant and Kawasaki Dealer for Gore. We started in East Gore, across the bridge in the former stone monuments building that Stephens funeral homes leased. Now HVS Motors is situated there.

Our First Showroom

T&E Motorcycles first showroom was very small but that didn't stop us from making it work to the best of what we had and what we could get. We were very successful with the Kawasaki merchandise, motocross DVD's, toys, kids colouring competitions with prizes.

T&E Motorcycles Twilight MX Series

December 2013 we did our first event. The T&E Motorcycles Twilight MX Series. The goal was to get bottoms on seats so we created an event that was run like a national event but was "Grass roots" thinking. We did it again in December 2014 and both times donated all the proceeds to the Invercargill Marching Girls (2013) and the Gore Fire Brigade (2014). This idea and the concept of a grassroots club to be called Southern Riders club was taken from discussions and from it a club called the Southern Dirt Riders was started end 2014.

The Relocation

In February 2014 Uplifted and moved our business to 72 Mersey Street Gore. The building that Peter Gibson built, for his business Gibson Suzuki.

Very Brand Loyal

2014-2018 T&E Motorcycles was the first Kawasaki dealer to go with the all black and green showroom/shop/truck International dealer concept here in New Zealand.

Start over again

In September 2017 we started all over again with CF Moto, Landboss and Sherco as the exclusive dealer for the Southland region of New Zealand. Still today situated at 72 Mersey Street Gore.

On Farm Services and Repairs

After approximately two years of using a well side Ute to carry out the on farm services, repairs and tyre changing and after hours of planning and trialing with our standard Ute. T&E accomplished a purpose built Ute in July 2020 to do the job more efficiently and easily. . 

The Relocation #2

An abrupt/unplanned move happened in mid-end December 2020 and we relocated to 241-251 Main Street Gore. The former building of the Gore St Johns - Ambulance's. Our new location offers spacious showrooms, a large workshop and plenty of customer parking and easy pick up and drop off for bikes and vehicles.